Componentele sistemului sunt potrivite optim pentru rețeaua dvs.

Componentele sistemului sunt optime pentru rețeaua dvs.

Creați rețeaua dvs. atât clară cât și puternică! În acest scop Pilz oferă componente de sistem optim adaptate pentru:

  • Sisteme Safe fieldbus
  • Sisteme Ethernet
  • Sisteme de diagnosticare a dispozitivelor
    Fieldbus and Ethernet systems
      With fieldbus and Ethernet system you increase the efficiency in extending plants with distributed control logic. You can clearly structure the systems or connect several networks to each other.

      The widest range of automation architectures can be implemented using the appropriate components. Components are also available to you which enable communication between the control system in the automation system PSS4000, for example. These components also regulate communication between third-party control systems that are connected to various fieldbus systems.
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        Device diagnostics system

          Diagnostic systems from Pilz provide simple and comprehensive diagnostics for your application. You benefit from reduced service call-outs and increased machine availability!

          Why not use the safe control technology from Pilz! We can provide you with a cost-effective complete solution from one source.

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