LÜTZE is your professional partner for consulting and delivery of high-quality industrial cables for automated manufacturing in numerous applications. Our specialized knowledge of flexible cables and cable assembly supports your installation every bit as much as does our product range: shielded or unshielded, for power, control or data.

    LÜTZE delivers your need for cables for automated manufacturing and many other applications - worldwide!

    The LÜTZE online catalog shows, in addition to the complete range of cables, also accessories, marking systems, cable assemblies and much more.

    The LÜTZE cable portfolio including numerous cables both from the European and North American cable product offerings is also available in the EPLAN Data Portal

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        LÜTZE’s cable assemblies are used in almost all industries, but most notably in the areas of machine engineering, energy technology, and electromechanics. LÜTZE has more than 20 years' experience here, and works closely with its international sales companies and representatives for the largely global customers.

        The chief principle for LÜTZE cable assemblies is quality assurance according to QM management system, ISO9001, supported by our internal CIP processes.
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            The components that used to design control cabinets are becoming more and more compact even though their switching capacity is increasing. This also means that the thermal loss rate is higher. Heat also builds up in the standard cable ducts. Hotspots are created. Standard climate control features in control cabinets are often not able to dissipate these hotspots and cool air does not get to where it is needed. The consequences could result in frequent failures and machine downtimes.

            LÜTZE's AirSTREAM wiring system offers a comprehensive solution for an even climate inside the control cabinet.
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                The benefits of a reliable power supply can only take effect if a suitable safety concept has been developed that meets the selective switch-off requirements with high cable attenuation and integration into the existing communication level.

                Reliable cable protection With its portfolio from the area of Control, LÜTZE covers the area of electronic overload and short circuit protection as well as the entire spectrum of industrial power supplies. The LOCC-Box and LCOS CC systems offer an intelligent and reliable power monitoring and all the possibilities of integration into the Industrial Internet of things applications.

                In addition, LÜTZE offers a broad range of signal converters and switchgear for coupling signals and for switching loads - also suitable for use in switchboxes because of the low construction height of the innovative LCIS housing.
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