Auer Signal

Visual signalling equipment
    Auer Signal stands for products in best quality. Choose between our signal lights and signal lighting products such as LED strobe lights, LED beacons for continuous and flashing light or classical rotation lights.
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      Audible signalling equipment
        Auer Signal offers a full range of audible signal devices for different kinds of industries delivering quality products since 1910. Here you can find audible signal devices for panel or surface mount, with volume from 65 db to 127 db for the loudest ones. We offer electronic sirens as well as alarm horns in various sizes, shapes and colours with degree of protection up to IP66.
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          Visual-audible signalling equipment
            If you need both visible and accoustic signals, you don't need to buy two separate product. We have designed devices which combined both requirements: our audible and visual alarm products. Benefit from products with volume up to 127dB and bright beacons with very good signalling effect up to IP65.
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              Signal towers
                We offer two different types of tower lights: compact or modular tower lights. Choose the modular tower light when you want to be as flexible as possible and the compact tower lights when want a ready-to-use pre-assembled product. Both types can exactly suits the needs of your company. Our tower lights are available with diameter ranging from 30mm up to 70mm.
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                  Product Overview