Signal towers

We offer two different types of tower lights: compact or modular tower lights. Choose the modular tower light when you want to be as flexible as possible and the compact tower lights when want a ready-to-use pre-assembled product. Both types can exactly suits the needs of your company. Our tower lights are available with diameter ranging from 30mm up to 70mm.
Modul-Perfect 70 modular Signal tower Ø 70mm
    • Up to 6 times brighter than comparable signal towers
    • 7 positions provide maximum flexibility
    • Two visual appearances available with the new diffuser
    • Even brighter top light module with hemispherical signalling effect
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      Modul-Compete 50 modular Signal tower Ø 50mm
        • Cost-optimised modular 50 mm Ø signal tower for classic 24V DC applications in industry
        • Up to 5 positions possible
        • Low soiling due to flat-flush smooth exterior design
        • Maximum product availability due to minimum number of articles
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          Half-Dome compact Signal towers
            • LED signal tower system in semi-circular design
            • Steady or strobe beacon can be selected for every position
            • 6 lens colours, 3 housing colours
            • Distinct lens structure with mirrored reflector
            • Optimal signalling from every viewing angle
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