Machinery Safety

Based on our industry experience of over 30 years, we are a trusted provider of safety services to leading national and international industrial companies. We provide viable solutions to the most complex safety issues in a wide range of industry domains . With our international team of passionate people, we help companies apply best manufacturing practise to optimise the availability and productivity of their plants worldwide.

Our Experience in Machinery Safety

  • We reduce risk by designing and implementing customised engineering solutions
  • Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, Ostfildern keeps an independent inspection centre which is accredited from the DAkkS and certified from TÜV, C&G, and other institutions
  • We train your staff on the fundamentals of machinery safety in their local language
  • We are expert in interpreting national regulations and standards including ProdSG & BetrSichV, PUWER, AS4024, Brazil Norm NR12
  • We take responsibility by conducting conformity assessments and signing as authorised representative
  • Our technical documents are legally compliant and understandable
    Safety Concept
      An effective safety concept is one which solves your problems using the most ‘intelligent’ solutions in the most cost effective way. We don't believe that machine safeguarding and productivity should be in competition.
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        Safety Design
          The aim of safety design is to reduce or eliminate danger points through detailed planning of the necessary safeguards plus the selection of appropriate technologies.
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            System Implementation
              When you integrate individual machines into a plant or improve the safety of existing machines, usually there is only limited time available.
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                Safety Validation
                  Is the defined machine safeguarding correctly implemented? Is the safety related control system of your machinery designed and implemented in accordance with your safety requirements specification? International Standards such as ISO 13849, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508 demand validation of safety systems independent of the design function. Validation is essential to prove that your machinery is safe.
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                    International Compliance
                      Exporters and machine operators face complex compliance and legal issues whenever they import machinery from one country to another. Machinery that complies with the regulations and standards of one country may not conform to the regulations of another.
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                        Plant Assessment
                          In today's competitive world, production plants are subject to constant change. New products mean that machines have to be adapted.
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                            Lock Out Tag Out System
                              There are many energy sources that can potentially pose a risk to industrial employees. Therefore, US Regulation 29 CFR 1910.147 and European Workplace Regulations require ensuring that machinery and other work equipment is isolated from its energy sources, and secured in a way to avoid accidentally re-energisation.
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                                Inspection of Safeguarding Devices
                                  It is essential that electrosensitive protective equipment (for example: light curtains, safety gate systems, etc.) is properly configured and installed and undergoes regular inspection. This is a legal requirement of various national directives and regulations.
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