Industrial Vision Systems

System Solutions and Application Software for Industrial Vision Systems.

Allround software for demanding inspection tasks in the ongoing production process


As an optimal link between sophisticated image processing algorithms and state-of-the-art digital camera technology, NeuroCheck offers two user interfaces – one for developing the test solution and the other for controlling the automatic test mode.

Whether one or more cameras are to be integrated or results transmitted to the control or host computer – NeuroCheck covers all these requirements as universal standard software. In doing so, NeuroCheck takes full advantage of the Windows® world and offers all the functionality under an ergonomically intuitive Windows® user interface.

Programming knowledge is not required for working with the NeuroCheck software.

    System solutions

      As a solution provider, we create turnkey system solutions for industrial machine vision for inspection in the manufacturing process.

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          Basic Functionality

          Experience from more than 20,000 applications continuously contributes to the development.

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            Product Overview