The components that used to design control cabinets are becoming more and more compact even though their switching capacity is increasing. This also means that the thermal loss rate is higher. Heat also builds up in the standard cable ducts. Hotspots are created. Standard climate control features in control cabinets are often not able to dissipate these hotspots and cool air does not get to where it is needed. The consequences could result in frequent failures and machine downtimes.

LÜTZE's AirSTREAM wiring system offers a comprehensive solution for an even climate inside the control cabinet.
AirTEMP calculates the climate inside the control cabinet

    The LÜTZE AirTEMP online application enables an analysis of the heat build-up and distribution in the control cabinet.

    The application allows a differentiated thermodynamic analysis of your control cabinet: the different temperature and temperature layers that can develop in a control cabinet can be determined quickly and easily The AirTEMP splits the control cabinet into three virtual zones. The temperature for each of these zones is calculated very precisely. It can also simulate the effect of factors, such as AirBLOWER, AirBLADES or even an air conditioning system, and how the LÜTZE AirSTREAM allows free air circulation without blocking cable ducts, thereby homogenising the climate inside the control cabinet.

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      White paper efficient control cabinet air conditioning
        LÜTZE supply a highly innovative product family, comprised of the AirSTREAM wiring system, the AirTEMP heat analysis software and the new LÜTZE AirBLOWER, for efficient air conditioning in control cabinets.
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          The guide '10 rules for energy-efficient control cabinet air conditioning'
            Due to the advancing miniaturisation of electronic construction elements, the packing density and the heat dissipation of components in a control cabinet increase. This performance loss is emitted as heat and leads to high air temperatures in the control cabinet interior. This could cause overheating and curtail the service life and impair the function of the parts. Therefore, it is important that suitable climate components are used.
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