Tehnologie Drive

Tehnologia servo drive de la Pilz oferă soluții sigure și eficiente din punct de vedere energetic pentru automatizarea utilajelor dvs. de la funcționarea controlerului până la mișcarea de unități extrem de dinamice.

Beneficiile tehnologiei Drive Pilz

  • Siguranță maximă până la PL e așa cum este definit în EN ISO 13849-1
  • Flexibilitate ridicată datorită diverselor sisteme field bus, sisteme de feedback și funcționalități
  • Rapiditate de comandă și simplă utilizare a programelor universale în conformitate cu IEC 61131-3
  • Economii mari de energie datorită tehnologiei servo eficiente
  • Optimizarea costurilor prin conceptul de mișcare sigură, conceptul personalizat de funcționare a mașinii și consultanță energetică
    Motion control systems
      Are you looking for a flexible solution for your automation task? Then Pilz motion control systems are exactly what you need! Whether you need to synchronise multiple axes, single-axis solutions or safe drive solutions: we have the right motion control solution for your application.

      With our solutions you can create your complete user program under IEC 61131-3 in a single project: from standard PLC functionality to motion control and CNC functions. This allows you to implement the widest range of complex tasks quickly and simply.

      Flexible to use, quick to commission

      Benefit from short commissioning times – thanks to programming with Soft PLC in accordance with IEC 61131. The PMCprimo Master and Slave also support a number of communication interfaces such as Modbus TCP, CAN or PROFIBUS DP-S, for example. Enjoy the flexibility of the motion control system for a wide range of application areas!
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        Servo amplifiers
          Use the modern servo amplifiers from Pilz as drive controllers for operating the widest range of motor technologies. You can use it to operate all common types of motor, from servo motors to asynchronous and linear motors. The same applies to rotary direct drives, servo linear actuators and applications with special motors.
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            Servo motors
              Regardless of whether you require optimum synchronisation properties or high dynamics – we have the right servo motor for your motion tasks. We have a whole range of servo motors available. Benefit from our innovative technology!

              We also offer a wide range of types and accessories for servo motors. From gear units to individually customised cables and connection types, through to appropriate feedback systems for the application.
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                  Use the Motion Control Engineering Tools for quick and easy commissioning and monitoring of your drives. Configuration, programming and monitoring of your entire application is performed easily and quickly, based on the programming under IEC 61131-3. The tools are open to every system environment; external devices are easy to integrate via various bus systems thanks to the resource manager.
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