About Us

About us

Solution von Hermannstadt was founded due to domestic request for reliable partners who can offer professional solutions applicable in industrial automation field. The main goal of the company is based on win-win philosophy.

Based in Sibiu(Hermannstadt) we are a 100% Transylvanian Company who will stick to the Region values for fairness and loyalty.

Driven by our passion for innovation, quality, reliable solution and up to date technologies we have implemented and certified Quality Management System(QMS) ISO9001 and Environmental Management System(EMS) ISO140001.

If you share the same values, we are more than happy to offer our support!

Thank you for your business!

Alexandru Stăicuţ
Managing Director alexandru.staicut@svh.com.ro
0040 746 375 543
Logistic & Purchasing office@svh.com.ro
Diana Păun
Technical Department tehnic@svh.com.ro
0040 745 037 950
Horia Trifan
Vision Project Manager (Baumer) vision@svh.com.ro
0040 742 177 570
Ovidiu Briciu
Sales Representative (Center) ovidiu.briciu@svh.com.ro
0040 752 239 810
Raluca Staicut
Chief Accounting Officer contabilitate@svh.com.ro
0040 745 894 566
Darius Petrașcu
Technical Sales Engineer (Pilz) darius.petrascu@svh.com.ro
0040 753 189 700
Andra Cîrneanu
Back Office Support sales@svh.com.ro
0040 770 441 778